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5 reasons to visit Puerto Plata

You may have heard about this incredible destination located in the Dominican Republic that’s started to became one of the most popular and favorite places to vacation, among tourist from all over the world, its name is Puerto Plata and if you still haven’t known anything about this land, this is your lucky day.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the capital of the province of Puerto Plata and it’s located on the north Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic.

Home to more than 100 kms of pristine beaches, the largest collection of preserved 19th century Victorian-style buildings in the Caribbean, and a jaw-dropping mountain range hugged by a glimmering coastline, Puerto Plata, aka La Novia del Atlántico (The Bride of the Atlantic) is certainly one of the jewels of the Atlantic Ocean.

The wide expanse of Playa Dorada is sheltered by tourist centers and the best hotels, so you will find the perfect Puerto Plata resort that suits your needs. And if you’re feeling like the next Tiger Woods, a magnificent golf course with 18 holes is waiting for you.

 The old center of the city dates from the colonial era and is dominated by the fortress of San Felipe, a construction from the 16th century, which is a Spanish building that currently serves as a museum houses historical and military artifact.

So, without further ado, we present you the best 5 reasons to visit Puerto Plata:

The Beaches

From tranquil and relaxing retreats to bustling and adventurous surf enclaves, there’s a stretch of sand with your name on it in the Puerto Plata province.

While there are too many to name, here are a few of our favourites: Playa Dorada (go here for the golden and softy sand), Cabarete (if you’re looking for kitesurfing, this is exactly what you need) and Playa Sosúa (seeking for vibrant beach vibes and gorgeous landscapes? This is the place, let the Mount Isabel de Torres in the distance reminds you why Puerto Plata is literally breath-taking).

The Food

With an abundance of fresh fruit, veg and seafood on the island, we promise you will eat deliciously well. For a fantastic restaurant meal, we suggest heading to El Bergantin, a restaurant with a pool that just have the perfect Puerto Plata vibe.

The architecture

Victorian-style buildings and impressive architecture will be waiting for you. Local vendors, bold street art and lots of little gems on the streets in Puerto Plata will blow your mind away.

Plaza Independencia (aka central park) has a beautiful construction, the famous Saint Philip the Apostle church, this is where countless Instagram posts have made. 


You know what we love the most about Puerto Plata? That it’s filled with surprises. For example, have you known that Cabarete is the Caribbean’s capital for windsurfing, kitesurfing and laser sailing? Probably not, right? But yeah, visit the “Kite Beach” and you’ll see hundreds of kite surfers riding the waves and dotting the sky. You could spend all day watching their mesmerizing acrobats and stunts, and if you feel bold enough, you can try and practice some windsurf yourself.

The drink (Rum)

And at least but not last, the rum (or ron as the Spanish people calls it). Everybody knows that the rum is an inherent part of the Dominican culture, so a visit to the Brugal Rum Factory is a must. These family are the largest producer of traditionally made rum in the Dominican Republic and have been mastering the craft since 1888.

If you’re lucky enough you’ll have the chance to meet the Master Blender, Jassil Villanueva, and have a private tasting with her.

It’s so great to see a young woman working in a male-dominated industry.

Puerto Plata will be responsible for some of your favorite travel memories, mark our words, and one thing will be for sure, you’ll want to return time and time again.