For the winter break, Cancun is your best option

Like the quote of one of our most beloved tv shows right now “Winter is coming” and is no surprise at all that everyone will want one thing and one thing only, to fleet the cold when it arrives.

And what’s better to fight extreme low temperatures? a beach with the most incredible and perfect weather.

We may still be in September for in a blink of an eye, November will arrive and then December and all the sunny places in the world will be filled with tourists around the globe who are escaping the cold of their places of origin, so we recommend you anticipate this and start booking now what will became your refuge from the cold.

A very suitable and incredible option for you to visit when winter arrives, is Cancun. This Mexican paradiseis in the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cancun is world famous because of its beaches, and because of its sand, its sand is so white and soft that for a moment you will think you’ll be walking on clouds.

But Cancun is more than just incredible soft sand and dream beaches, the impressive Mayan Culture still has a strong presence in this city, the Mayan Ruins will leave you speechless, the pyramids will blow your mind, and the natural parks and attractions like Xel-Há or Xcaret, will give you the impression that you are in a dream.

In the lodging section Cancun has the reputation of having some of the most exclusive hotels in the whole Caribbean, and we can’t argue that, because of its privilege location the best complex resorts are here, take the Melody MakerCancun, for example, a luxurious all-inclusive resort where without doubts, you will have the best relaxing time of your life.

Escape the cold and start packing your trousers because when the winter arrives, your only preoccupation will be if you want another margarita or no.