Go to the golf Costa del Sol


Spain is Europe’s number one golfing location and within Spain, Costa del Sol is the first choice. No wonder this section of the Spanish Mediterranean coast is also known as Costa del Golf! The region is actually the coast of Málaga, one of the provinces of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia. Here are three reasons to golf Costa del Sol all year round.

The weather. The climate in Costa del Sol is holiday perfect. There is an average of 300 sunny days a year and only less than 65 days with rain. Winters are mild, so golf may be practiced any time of the year. Summer temperatures may reach 35 degrees centigrade with cooler nights averaging 20 degrees. Not only the Mediterranean waters help cool the region, but the Sierra Blanca is also of great help.

Golf Clubs.  Costa del Sol has all the basics for wonderful golf courses. Not only the weather with sunny days and little rain, but the terrain has also been very helpful. Open spaces and gorgeous views have been decisive in designing and building excellent clubs. The clubs not only offer the traditional Spaniard hospitality in all their services, but also great golfing traveling packages that makes it easy to plan golfing holidays.

Housing. This is a region that has made of tourism their major business and they do it very well. If one looks for a five star hotel or resort, there are many to choose from. But there are also excellent bread and breakfast lodgings with a very personal service. A family wants a long stay? Rentals can be found in all sizes and prices. With a little planning and research the adequate place may be found.

And everything else. The Costa is a vacation place. There is fun for everyone: blue flag beaches, sports, night life, nature, museums, and tours through the Andalusia region. You dream it, you can have it. Costa del Sol may be reached by plane, train, road or sea. Because services are so organized, it is not a mayor effort to plan a golf holiday. With the Internet, it is just at the tip of your fingers.