How can email marketing benefit my company?

For some reason today there are still a few companies that are completely unaware of the benefits of email marketing and as a result are clearly wasting this powerful channel of communication, we must be aware that although social networks are also a clear communication channel until now is not as effective or profitable as email marketing.

Well if we start right now to compare the cost to generate sales between email marketing and social networks, it would give us a giant difference, as email marketing actually converts 3 times more than the social networks themselves, so today the sending massive email (email marketing) is the best option to achieve the objectives of a company, in addition this powerful as an effective marketing strategy has its broad benefits, which you aphablarlaremos below.

5 benefits of email marketing for your business

One of these benefits is that this online marketing strategy is quite inexpensive unlike other strategies of this nature, because a sample of it is the simple fact that the cost of sending an email to your specific audience is approximately between 0.001 € or 0.02 €, cost that is minimal and even between you have a list of higher subscribers the cost will be even lower.

This turns out to be a good direct communication channel through which a company can create a strong and true bond with each of its customers, something that will benefit it more and more, since in this way customers will always prefer the products of that company over those of its competitors.

In addition, a powerful benefit in this case is accessibility, as we all know that emails can be read from any device, such as computers, laptops, tablets, or cell phones, so that by this means you get more chances of capturing how to retain customers.

It should be noted that this direct communication channel is also quite effective, although it is very economical this may really surprise us, as it is up to 4 times more effective than social networks, so every euro invested in an email marketing campaign will generate a higher return on investment which is around 40 to 60 euros on average.

And even email marketing is the communication channel that offers a greater possibility of personalization, ie through a brand can personalize mass mailings of emails without any problem or limitation.

But the best of all is that it is a measurable strategy, because through it you can get important data about email campaigns, since some email marketing platforms like mailrelay offer their users detailed statistics and on time about their email campaigns, so if they are failing in something they can solve it immediately.

Another benefit of this online marketing strategy is that it is automatable, which means that you can save time, because if you want to automate all campaigns, these to be previously scheduled will be sent at the right time without you do it directly.