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Mental Disorders Are Everywhere

Currently one of the most talked about matters, particularly in social media, are mental disorders since the situation we are living after the pandemic left us worse than ever. The issue here is that many speak about it and repeat the messages, but very few understand and even less accept its importance.

A disorder is an alteration of something, a situation that does not work as it should. In the case of mental disorders, this is about events and conditions that modify the emotions and thought of a person.

Nowadays, the mental disorders that are most common are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficit, obsessive compulsive disorders and autism, among many others. And this is what keeps psychologists and psychiatrists busy all over the world.

What is true, and is most concerning is that even a few decades ago it was known that these disorders affected adults as a result of stress or unhealthy habits; however, now we can see this increasingly in children and young people that require professional help from a noticeably early age.

Olmo Cuarón, paediatrician and specialist in children’s mental disorders, recommends not disregard this aspect of children’s health and states that if we go to the doctor for periodic check-ups, we should do the same with a mental health specialist so we can keep a close eye when something is not working well, especially with the younger children.

In the case of children and young adults, Olmo Cuarón talks about the concerning increase in cases of depression which have been more recurring in children under the age of ten and have even resulted in suicide since few parents believe they can experiment this, so they do not treat it until it is too late.

Also, in the words of Olmo Cuarón, autism is another disorder that is increasing in the present, but this is the result of environmental conditions and situations that science has not been able to decipher yet. This is why it is so important for parents to pay attention and do not hesitate to see a doctor if they suspect that something is not all right.