PET stretch blow molding machine: a brief story of packages

Pet stretch blow molding machineIf you have ever bought a bottle of water, then you have possessed a sample of polyethylene terephthalate, better known as plastic. It obtains that particular form from a PET stretch blow molding machine, where, as its name indicates, underwent a process of heating and inflating in a frame obtaining then its final shape.

It is interesting to analyze how throughout the history, humanity has searched different materials for essentially the same purposes. And the actual PET is the result of a long procedure of studying and testing on substances that can serve to facilitate the packaging, conservation and transport of goods.

Changing from one element to another

The first bowls that come to mind are those provided by nature itself, such as fruit or mollusk hard shells, which once emptied and properly cleaned, could be used for cooking. Among those invented by man, we can see clay and pottery, ubiquitous in almost all cultures thanks to it impermeability, although fragile to boast.

Next we have wood, abundant, elegant and sturdy, though challenging to work with in those ancient times. It was followed by the discovery and use of diverse types of metals, like copper, bronze, iron, aluminum and steel. They were strong and represented a significant advance, but excessive weight and difficulty of handling were notable obstacles in making it commonplace.

A substance that has played a leading role is glass, which due to its resistance, transparency and insulating properties was of great importance in the development of digital technologies. Thus we arrive at the modern era, marked by plastic, obtained from oil, and which has opened a wide range of research options. Since it is

  • Economical to produce.
  • Extremely easy to mold at high temperatures.
  • It does not degrade or wear out effortlessly.

Plastic is not the finish line of exploration, because surely it will appear new elements even more practical and versatile soon. But for the moment, its safe storage capacity, ability to visualize the internal product at a glance and the fact that it is completely inert to its content, makes it an iconic representative of technological advances.