Play in the Alcanada golf mallorca

alcanada golf mallorca

Golf provides many benefits for all people, but especially children. One of the spaces specially created to develop concentration is the Alcanada golf Mallorca. The course should be designed with natural elements such as grass, with a wide enough surface and have 9 to 18 holes, with partial courses.

In 1552 the first records of the licenses granted in Scotland were found to practice in a regular way this sport. Starting from these beginnings the golf has made its way around the world, being an activity of prestige that is practiced from the smallest to the great celebrities.

The age to start in this sport is not established, but for the club it is acceptable from the age of 4 year old. At this age children are more agile and can hold objects firmly. Every task undertaken by the children should be supervised by experts to avoid injury. Some of the great stars of the golf began at an early age, which guarantees the immediate success beyond the limits of the borders.

The sensation that emits the nature that surrounds a golf course puts the player in a privileged position. Although there is pressure to make a good shot, the mind is complemented by calculations and planning how to achieve. It is important to keep calm and concentration, connecting with the environment and make the best plan for the success.

For other athletes, golf does not represent a real sport, but nothing is farther from reality because when swing is exercised much of the body’s muscles, it also requires a plan and practice to reach the hole in one. The values ​​that are fomented in this sport make of the beings conscious beings that are related in harmony with the surroundings and in turn can realize activities in equipment. Many claim that golfers tend to be leaders in their daily work.

If you want to perform an activity that gratifies and feels the benefit in your body or wants to give your children the opportunity to develop in a comprehensive way, you should encourage them to play golf, and in Mallorca find the best courses to do it.