Traveling is the best way to discover yourself

Traveling is one of the best experiences that we can have, it changes the way we look at things, expands our minds and nourish us with everlasting memories, therefore, when people travel, people change.

Also, the destination is very important, a distant secluded place hasn’t the same effect in the people who travel there, that maybe going to a popular exotic country; the city and the place you choose it’s also alive.

Based on that, going to a beach, can be a very enlighten experience, relaxation is a key factor for truly discovering yourself. One perfect example for this is the Dominican Republic, this Caribbean country is the perfect location for you to embrace in a unique adventure and discover things about yourself that you didn’t know.

And if the main popular attractions of the Dominican Republic don’t seem to appeal you, there’s a hidden gem that you probably didn’t hear about, but you must visit; Puerto Plata.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the capital of the Puerto Plata province and it’s located on the North Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic. This gorgeous city is well known for its magnificent beaches, specially the one that is called Playa Dorada, this impressive beach is sheltered by tourist centers, amazing resorts, and a gigantic golf course with 18 holes.

Stay in a Puerto Plata resort, relax by the shore, let the waves calm you and think about nothing except yourself, walk to the old center of the city, see their colonial side and wonder yourself by the magnificent architecture of its buildings, visit the San Felipe fortress and feel like you’re living in the 16th century; this Spanish building will give you goosebumps with its historical and military artifacts.

Traveling is bliss, embrace in this life changing experience and leave this country with the best everlasting memories you will have.