5 things you need to know about breathalyzer tests

It is no secret that the breathalyzer controls performed by the agents on the roads usually lead to a multitude of criminal proceedings, which in turn end up in court, usually in a speedy trial, also remember that crimes against traffic safety are very common, more than we think, hence it is important for any driver to have a minimum of information, as well as to know the following points.

Not blowing is worse

Many times drivers make the mistake of not submitting to breathalyzer tests or not blowing enough in order to avoid a delito de alcoholemia without realizing that this action can be punished in the same way as a crime of disobedience to the agents of the authority and even receiving a more serious penalty than that of the breathalyzer, therefore, in these cases the most appropriate thing to do is to submit to these tests without resisting at any time.

Blood tests can be ordered

If the driver does not agree at all with the result of the breathalyzer, or is taking any type of medication that may interfere in any way with the result or if the ticket given by the machine is not correct, he can then request a blood test in order to contrast the breathalyzer test with a clinical analysis.

Behavior during the breathalyzer test is important

At this point, keep in mind that being correct and friendly with the agents in charge of performing such test is always the right thing to do, since the opposite attitude can really have negative consequences, since let us not forget that in general a euphoric or very absent attitude can always be a noticeable symptom of having had too much to drink, while, on the contrary, a calm and cooperative attitude is better valued.

Attention with the administrative fine

It is necessary that you understand that in the event that the rate of alcohol is considered a crime and a speedy trial is processed, the report card that can give you the agents in charge should not be paid nor is it necessary to make allegations in administrative headquarters, the agents in the event that the driver is found innocent in the corresponding court of instruction, can then process an administrative file to seek to impose a fine with administrative penalty, but if in the opposite case there is a criminal penalty, ie a fine and deprivation of the license then the administrative complaint would be without any effect.

The criminal fine varies according to the economic capacity of each individual.

It is also important to clarify that in criminal courts fines are generally imposed according to the economic capacity of each convicted person, so that for the same facts a person with economic resources will clearly be imposed a higher fine than those who do not have significant economic resources.