Enjoy your holidays by traveling to Boca Chica

The winter break is almost here, so you better start planning your vacations because let’s be real about this, nobody wants to stay home for the holidays.

You still got the time for planning something unique and extremely fun, like a trip somewhere, maybe visiting some foreign country or perhaps a dreamy beach.

If the last option electrifies your brain and gave you the chills, you need to go to a place where the weather is perfect, and the landscapes are beautiful.

And if we’re talking about the most incredible climate, there is just one place to visit and that is the Dominican Republic.

We all know about the Dominican Republic, but there’s one location there that you probably didn’t hear about and is about to change the way you vacation, its name is Boca Chica.

Boca Chica is a municipality in the province of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The municipality itself has a small district called La Caleta, in Boca Chicathere is also a beautiful beach with the same name.

The beach of La Caleta is one of the most gorgeous beaches to visit there, it’s located about 30 kilometers east of Santo Domingo, in the bay of San Andrés, on the east coast part of the Hispaniola island.

Boca Chica it is also a great place to browse the area and discover the beauty of the tropical coast of Santo Domingo from the sea. Just 400 meters from the coast, a coral reef in the shape of a half circle runs along the beach, so the water that reach the shore is very calm.

Stay in a Boca Chica resort like the Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden, an all-inclusive hotel located in one of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean and worry about anything.

Visit this amazing paradise and let the charm and beauty of Boca Chica stay with you for your whole life.