Importance of packaging

packagingIn the past nobody took care of this subject. Purchases could be in bulk and wrapped in any way. We can think it was because offer and demand did not justify costs or required technology did not exist. But nowadays, public in general have literally millions of options; therefore special packaging is another feature to consider at the moment of buying.

Packaging can be defined as knowledge and machinery used to make vessels for enclosing products, individually or in groups, in order to carry, store, sell and use them. But above all, the idea is to protect articles and inform the consumer about their peculiarities.

There is a complete system to classify it. It is possible to distinguish between a customer and a distribution presentation:

  • First is obtained directly from shops, usually by units or minor quantities like bottles, bags, blisters, boxes, etc.
  • While second is a big container employed to handle merchandise during the processes of shipping and storing through their way from factory to grocery stores. Typically an element of this class holds numerous shopper pieces.

Functions of packaging and its label             

  • It can be physical against mechanical or sharp impacts, mainly. Or a barrier to temperature, humidity, dust, etc. Some wrappers include desiccants to defense the content of absorbing steam. A primary purpose is to keep unsoiled, fresh and secure items.
  • It is provided for small goods, grouping them together in a set instead of selling separately. The objective is to optimize physical handling. For instance, liquids, fine and granular particles require containment.
  • Data diffusion. Labels transmit clear instructions of how to use, mobilize or dispose the article. Certain materials as pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemicals bring particular and mandatory information, like expiration date. Several companies use sequential and lot numbers for tracking.
  • Designers apply their art to the manufactured item image with the intention of capturing buyers’ attention. At once brand message has been determined, it is repeated in every kind of artifact to help people getting the identity.

Summarizing, packaging is a product wrapper but at the same time it is part of its characteristics and provides protection, advertising, information and enhancement of the brand image.