LinkedIn and your professional image online

LinkedIn is one of the most current and active social networks, we all know that this type of virtual spaces revolutionized communication and became the main computer transit channel in the world connecting millions of users second by second, but that in which LinkedIn differs from the rest, pes this social network in particular is defined as a professional network the most active exceeding the more than one hundred and fifty million registered users.

But that is a professional network, and how can this social network enhance your professional image in online media, because simply this social network is an environment that allows you to present yourself in the online environment to millions of professionals who use the site to take advantage and offer unique career opportunities, consortia, discover new and potential entrepreneurs or partners, projects in which to invest and so on, although many social networks have become the means of livelihood for many this is different, this network presented to the public in 2003 and since then has evolved into the largest virtual environment that focuses on commercial and professional relationships and not to create personal social environments such as Facebook and other spaces, in it are companies, consortia, professionals and others who are presented virtually through this medium, trying to promote web business, if you do not yet have an account in this professional network not yet figures in the online world in this field.

Google has the most powerful search engine and used on the web, so it is the main means of positioning when implementing a SEO promotion strategy, when starting any web project marketing is undoubtedly paramount if we want to become relevant to the public and thus achieve our goals.

Not only webmasters and SEO professionals worry about the positioning today from small entrepreneurs to large conglomerates do so because of its great advantages, if you do not exist on the web and are relevant do not exist in the market, so many users transit the web that it is difficult to reach a relevant place so here are some ideas to get better positions in Google the most important search engine in the world.

  • Don’t focus on a single tipoi of content: the more variety the greater the chances of ascending in the position you have.
  • Publish content periodically: This requires dedication so the more current content you are, the more likely you are to be relevant to the audience and reach a higher level among Google’s positions.
  • Employs Google’s own SEO strategies: researches and employs the tools that Google makes available to its users.
  • Use the link technique: links and links to your page from social networks and rented advertising spaces will increase your chances.
  • Inform yourself about the interests of your readers: this way you can improve your content and increase your possibilities.

Applying all these strategies you will increase your rank and visits and with a greater traffic of searches and entries you will gain a superior level between the positions.