Types of lawns used in the best golf courses in Majorca

golf courses in Majorca

There is a great variety of grass, but the most common ones used in the best golf courses in Majorca have special properties that make them ideal to resist the climate and be part of the areas of this, like the Green.

Majorca is a city in Spain known for its Mediterranean climate and for having the best golf courses, which makes it the perfect place to spend a pleasant time between family and friends in a game.

If you want to have a nice business meeting or close an important deal, it is recommended that you go to Majorca and play a round of golf in the best courses that are in this city, which will give you the right atmosphere for your transactions.

Which are the most used types of grass?

Among the most popular grass that is used in golf courses in Majorca are:

  • Kentucky blue has a dark green color and is medium in size, resistant to cold climates and suitable for large open spaces.
  • The Bent is thin leaves and these are erected vertically and can be biased very short. It is used especially for greens, tees and on the streets.
  • There is a species that is fast growing and thick leaves, it is perfect to be used in warm places and in winter it acquires a brown tone and is called Bermuda.
  • The grass Ballico is planted usually to replace the Bermuda species in winter. It is bright green and has its life time hard until spring arrives.
  • One specie that has soft and thin leaves and it is used mostly in the Greens is the Poa Annua, is this ones that are found in the best courses in Majorca for being tolerant to the Mediterranean climate. It does not have a silky texture like a Bent, but is more tolerant to moisture.

It is probably a little complicated for a beginner to recognize the types of pastures used on golf courses. Certainly this is not an indispensable requirement to be able to play a game, but it is information that can help you to know even more about characteristics that make them special places to practice this sport.

Whether it’s for the grass, the place or to know how to play a game of golf, you must visit Majorca and be part of the large number of people who practice annually in the most prominent fields that are in it.