Affordable healthy eating: the inheritance your children need

The process of eating is done initially as an important reflex inherited from our genetic pool.  However, as humans grow, the process of eating becomes more sophisticated and complex, and many factors influence the weight of a normal adult. A most important aspect is the consumption of healthy food. That is why people look for an affordable healthy eating.

The first consideration is at the genetic level. Today scientists believe that men survive from starvation periods that arise from variations in weather conditions (drought, for example) led humans to carry “thrifty genes”, which allow the storage of energy as fat. Those individuals that did not have those genes simply died during starvation periods.

The second consideration is the so called “energetic balance”, if you eat more calories that the expenses of energy due to physical activity, the extra energy will be stored as fat. The third aspect is he social influences humans receive while growing, among them the educational process. As education we mean but the whole training process a growing child receives, mostly in the family.

The meal intakes of an adult person reflect the early associations between food and happy or unhappy moments in early life. One example of this is the association we have between a cake, candy and refreshments with a birthday celebration. And this complex behavior seems to be closely related to brain neurotransmitters and their interaction with pleasure, rest, sleep, and food cravings.

The important knowledge we have today is that all these complex biochemical, genetic, emotional and even economical events that influence our healthy eating, can be modified.

Humans have freedom of choice, not only at the moral or ethical level, but at the design of our meals. It is important to realize that to take an appropriate choice of affordable healthy eating we are not alone. There are many places in the web that will help us, as responsible parents, to plan the weekly meals of our children. This will not only help them grow, but they will, in turn, teach their own children how to choose an affordable healthy eating. This will be their best heritage.

Father and girl shopping groceries