What to expect from golf offers Spain


Because of its weather and natural conditions, Spain has become the number one choice for golfers in the European continent. There are approximately 300 golf courses to choose from, located in the peninsula and in the Balearic and Canary Islands. This is the country where holiday golf packages started, and today there are all kinds of golf offers Spain.  art2-batch-8372-kw3_-golf-offers-spain

Housing and Golf. A common offer includes hotel accommodations and access to a prestigious golf club.  In many cases a meal plan may be included. Many clubs have hotels included in their land and they can offer a buggy pick up at the hotel door. Resorts close to the golf course have excellent family plans so everyone is entertained while adults play the sport.

Golf club offers.  Golf club offers usually include Green fees, buggy, twilight and other extras. One very important aspect is the admission to the club facilities which are first class in most cases. Facilities include the restaurant, the clubs shop and other amenities like tennis courts or gyms. The restaurants keep up with the high level of Spanish gastronomy and service.

Golf seasons.  One very important aspect is that the prize of the offers varies with the time of the year. Golf’s high season begins in mid-February and goes until July. Because of the high temperatures, July and August are considered low season, although families travel during the school holidays and golf could be a choice. And there is also a mid-season during the months of September through November. Prices vary among seasons so it is an important fact when deciding when to travel.

Other activities. Some golf packages may offer the possibility of adding different kinds of activities other that the golfing. Spain has so much to offer: museums, cultural pastimes, different sports or gastronomic experiences. If not in the package, check out the location of the golf course and look for the kind of fun you most enjoy. It may be a night in the town or a wine tasting adventure. Certainly, what people love, Spain surely has it.