Beachfront apartment for sale: the paradise on the Earth


Beachfront apartment for sale

Would you like to reside in a zone that gives you the maximum of the sun and the sea? Do you feel attracted to a location where sunlight is pleasantly heating more than 300 days of the year with an average temperature of 20 oC? Then you need to know about a beachfront apartment for sale in Costa del Sol.

This spectacular region in the southwest of Spain includes many towns and cities between Nerja and Gibraltar of astonishing beauty, irrigated by the Mediterranean waters. Historical places, contemporary facilities, close mountains and countless touristic attractions are offered to visitors and residents in this internationally well-known zone of approximately 185 km of shore extension.  

The best of the Costa del Sol

It is immersed between several northern mountain ranges and the southern ocean, occupying a thin coastal band. A mixture of sceneries is shown: beaches, sea cliffs, creeks, natural harbors and sandbanks. The rivers are short and appear accordingly to the season, while the cultivation is hindered by the lee effect caused by the mounts.

Human development has highlighted here. Modern installations, almost 60 golf courses considered as the greatest of Spain, aquatic leisure activities, numerous sport and fishing seaports are combined logically with impressive natural landscapes. The communication infrastructure is advanced and very well maintained highways, airports, cruise shipping and railroads move tons of people in and out yearly. Once you visit the region you will not forget it ever.     

The best of Euro Prestige

This real estate company offers you the opportunity to purchase a home in the fascinating above described location. It can be a beachfront apartment, bungalow or villa according to your necessities and budget. Send the whole pertinent data related to style, geographical situation, dimensions and affordable range of prices through a pre-qualification form for an inspection trip and get ready for a 3-4 day viewing and relaxing expedition.

The tour is thought for people seriously considering the idea of buying a dwelling in Spain and who at present live in another European nation. You travel to the country on your own and lodging, internal transportation and meals are covered by the company. During the journey, its representative will take you to any possible property fulfilling the provided information by the form and previous phone conversations. Besides you will see places of interest.

Don’t miss this awesome chance to find your dreamed home. You will never be disappointed of living in this pleasant location. It does not matter if you choose Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella or any different town, all of them can easily satisfy your requirements. Study the options first and then start preparing to face the potential sites. For more information, click here.