Clicks trackers tools: a virtual and powerful software

clicks trackers tools

There is an underestimated advantage that physical business owners have. If they wanted, they could keep a constant and easy pursuit of what goes on in their stores, which products attract more customers, what they like even if at the moment cannot acquire it, how much time they spend inside and so on. On a normal website, on the other hand, usually there is merely a visit counter, with no way of knowing which people are real and profitable, unless you use clicks trackers tools.

It is a software that in its most fundamental essence allows to webmaster and digital sellers to know who enters their website, from where in the universe they do it, how long they stay and where they have mobilized the cursor when they are not clicking any button or link. This would be the basic options and capabilities this program offer to have a complete picture of users’ behavior on your site.

What does it consist of?

Additionally, those would be the passive aspect of this type of tools, but there is also an active facet, which is responsible for deliberately attracting customers to the page, with diverse methods such as:

  • Ensuring links are functional instead of broken.
  • Filtering the bots activities that can, at the minimum, alter the percentages or in the evil side install malwares.
  • Guaranteeing compatibility with Facebook and Google ads.
  • Sending users to different pages according to their locations. For example, someone detected in Latin America would get the Spanish version, while a person in England would be more comfortable reading in English.
  • The already classic ads and pop-up windows that no one can forget.

Although in real life or physical spaces several of these strategies would be considered excessive, in the digital world it must be understood that Internet users make decisions about which pages to see and which do not in a matter of seconds, and sometimes for reasons as simple as the speed of loading or a timely announcement. All of this following the philosophy that advertising is not good or bad, if it extends the information that you need to communicate.