Most Popular Destinations In Sweden

Sweden is a very interesting country for everyone who is visiting these zones in Europe, for many not taking advantage of the ticket and visiting the best cities, could be something unforgivable, moreover when there are so many destinations that are a reference in international tourism.

If by any chance you happen to find yourself near these places, here are 3 motives and/or destinations why you should visit Sweden, mostly centered in its main city, Stockholm, here we go:

Kulturhuset of Stockholm

Regarding cultural tourism, this is the top reference in the city of Stockholm, a huge building that encompasses every cultural and art happening, from photography, storytelling for children, debates and literary conversations.

Liseberg in Gothenburg

The Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg: located in downtown Gothenburg, is the biggest and prettiest theme park in northern Europe, and one of the most popular destinations for the Swedish both in summer as well as Christmas time in Gothenburg.

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Do not get confused, we are not talking about PSY’s famous dance (Gangnam Style) that in past years had such an impact, Gamla Stan is the old Stockholm city, acclaimed as the historic downtown with its 90 centimeter wide streets, stores and restaurants, located in the old prisons of the city.

These 3 places are just some of the many located in Sweden, the main cities such as Malmo, Gothenburg and Stockholm are the most visited ones, especially Stockholm, which also has offers you cannot let go by, as is the case with, which offers a free tour Stockholm.

If we had to mention more besides the three previous ones, it would take great time, but simply summarized: Royal Stockholm Palace, the Stockholm archipelago is a beautiful place filled with nature, the High Coastline or in Swedish “Höga Kusten”, a perfect trekking place, the Siljan lake, the “raukar” of Gotland and many more.

What do you think of Sweden? Would you like to visit? We would be delighted to have your comment.

Best Regards!