How to repair pickets on golf course in Murcia Spain?

The norms of labels that must be implemented in a golf course in Murcia Spain are made so that the conditions of the same one are optimized indicate and consists in, paraphrasing, that the piques and chops must be repaired as well as to rake after each game.

While it is true that a good golf course must have the right staff, some things can be done as a player to help with this work. Also, if we add the amount of fields that are in Spain, specifically in Murcia, you should pay a lot in membership to pay all employees required for that purpose.

How to repair a hole in the green?

When the ball falls on the field from a fairly steep distance, it usually leaves a mark or cleft in the grass. This is called pique in golf. If the participant is agreeable, can do it when you get to the Green in the end.

Generally, a special U-shaped tool called a pinch fixer is used to repair it. It necessity be buried around what has sunk and pushed towards the center of the pique. After it is repaired, the area is gently flattened with a putt to give uniformity to the terrain.

The instructions specifically indicated that it is necessary to repair the dents that are near the position of the player. Nonetheless, it is not permitted to repair only can be done when the game is over before leaving the course.

How to mark the ball on the green?

In golf course if the ball touches the green it must be marked with a small coin. Can be originating behind it and picked up when finished when the turn it is placed in the market place. 

When for any reason the ball is the line of the partner’s putt it is necessary to ask him if the mark bothers him to make his move. That essential be done according to the rules of golf and in Murcia Spain there is no variation of them. Constantly playing this sport can be a simple way to secure knowledge about the rules.

golf course in Murcia Spain
golf course in Murcia Spain