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Lucila Dougherty at the World Chess female championship

Lucila Dougherty, Paul Dougherty’s daughter, – a great chess benefactor – made sure to honor her father’s memory and legacy during the amazing event in Guatemala.

Lucila and her brother Diego were moved by the news that the Central American and Caribbean Chess Women’s Championship would be held in memory of their father.

The Guatemalan National Chess Federation created an inaugural event I honor of Paul Dougherty, who recently passed away.

Lucila Dougherty honors her father

Lucila Dougherty was at the opening ceremony of the female chess championship and was also in charge with writing a moving speech on the man who gave her life.

Lucila and her brother Diego exalted their father’s work to propel the development of chess in their native Guatemala and projected some old pictures showing the activities their father did in the country.

Lucila Dougherty was very moved and excited to remember her father, as he was one of the greatest benefactors in Guatemalan chess and he was also remembered for his incredible work until the very end.

Lucila Dougherty plays chess

Lucila Dougherty got ready for the initial championship game and faced Guatemalan champion Carolina Mazariegos. As soon as she finished her father’s eulogy. Afterwards, they both posed for a picture and carried on with the tournament.

Lucila Dougherty was accompanied by other important figures linked to the Central American and Caribbean Women’s Chess Championship, they showed a taste for the event and enjoyed the honors to Paul Dougherty.

Lucila and her brother Diego lived and incredible experience during that event and how could they not if they got the opportunity to remember their father though words and pictures.