Things that you should know if you are going to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Ecuador. This country in Central America has a population of four million people, and its capital is San José.

Has been known because of its magical beaches and the beauty of its natural landscapes, in this place you can see jungle areas to volcanos. So if you are looking for a tropical place to enjoy your next vacation here are some basic things that you should know about Costa Rica:

It is a safe place

Either you are planning to hang out late at night with your mate or friends, or you are planning a family trip you do not have to worry because Costa Rica is a safe place. All the hotels in Tamarindo and in San José have all the amenities to enjoy you visit and the staff is always trying to make you feel safe. You can walk around the city, even at night if you want to, because there is nothing to be worry about.

There is always a casual mood

As a tropical place you do not have to be stress about what you are going to wear, so pack up your favorites flip flops and your most comfortable shorts and t-shirts because the mood is always casual in Costa Rica. Do not forget to put on your best attitude to enjoy the trip. 😉

It is an affordable place

In many countries of Latin America you can find unbelievable prices on a lot of things, Costa Rica is one of them. Many hotels in Gulf of Papagayo or some other cities has all comforts you are used to and the price it is very affordable.

So, if you are worried because you don’t want to spend a lot of money, let me tell you that this wouldn’t be a problem.