Two of the best beaches are in Mexico

The summer break is around the corner, and we know there’s one thought inside your head, to have a break in some sunny location while you just relax at some gorgeous beach with the sound of the ocean in the background.

It’s in these months that the most notorious beaches of the world filled with people ready to enjoy, and we know sometimes a crowded beach is the less thing you need if your ultimate summer goal is complete relaxation.

Therefore, we have given ourselves to the task to find the perfect summer getaway for you, it is in a country known for its charm and beautiful landscapes so if you’re guessing some extravagant land your wrong.

This paradise is closer than you think, its name is Mexico, wonderful landscapes along with spectacular natural wonders will leave you speechless, the perfect warmth weather, the friendliest people and the most delicious food are waiting for you there, but the best thing about Mexico are its beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are there, and we’re not lying so we present you some of our favors.


This city is in the Caribbean coast of Mexico, in the Peninsula of Yucatan. It’s known for its well-preserved ruins of the Mayan port. The main building is a huge structure made of stone called El Castillo, which stands on the top of a rocky cliff, on the white sand beaches and the turquoise sea. Near the ruins, there is the Tulum National Park, a coastal area with mangroves and cenotes.


Very near Tulum in the same Peninsula of Yucatan, there’s this other paradise called Cancun, a city that limits with the Caribbean Sea and who is known for its spectacular beaches and the incredible touristic centers. In the hotel zone you will find a Cancun Resort that fulfills all your needs, so you won’t have to be worry about anything except getting tan, enjoy an all-inclusive Cancun vacations and forget about the world for a couple of days.

Whether you choose one beach or the other, one thing is for sure, you will leave Mexico with the best everlasting memories you will ever have.