Four tips to play in the best golf course in Spain

The tension is vital to play in the best golf course in Spain. Stress is the enemy of a good swing, and the first tee is a stress test in golf. To begin properly, make a slight stretch before reaching the tee. If you do not have time for this, take some practicing swings until your muscles feel relaxed. Then use the same relaxed swing for when you’re on the ball. You are not trying to stick the drive that will mark his career, just to put a drive into play.art1-batch793-1kw-best-golf-course-in-spain

Play Smart on the hole. Takeinto your bag the best stick that can help you accomplish the task set in the hole, if you’re playing a very long 4 pair where our best driver cannot be reached in two, so why get the driver and not a safer stick, let’s play that hole for bogey and start well back.

The preparation is the key to overcoming flitting butterflies in our stomach. Start hitting some balls on the golf shots, start with short irons and then use the stick that will be used in the hole No 1. Think about what feels good and turn this into a thought for the day, something as rhythm success or take the stick in the right flat or a soft throw.

When you stand on the tee, take some deep breaths to oxygenate the most of your system, consider the highlight during the day in relation to the swing. Forget those who are watching, focus only on the shot that has front. Nobody cares that shot more than yourself.

Plan the hole. Having established a game plan for each hole, so be clear which stick will be used on hole No. 1, commit to your strategy. Please have everything you need to start, tees, balls, towel to wipe the sticks and above all a mental outline of the hole to know where you want it to fall and where not want to. If you have any previous experience in this field, you probably will have a good start on that hole. Forget the people around him.